Alejandra Cristina Jaramillo Delgadillo

Atty. Jaramillo Delgadillo graduated in the year 2002 obtaining the degree of Bachelor in Law and Political Sciences from “Universidad Latina de Panamá (ULAT)”. In the year 2006, she obtained a Graduate Degree in Senior Management granted by the Faculty of Business Administration and Accounting (FAECO, in Spanish) from the University of Panama (UP).

During the year 2004, Atty. Jaramillo Delgadillo satisfactorily obtains a Diploma in Writing and Literary Creation from the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Technological University of Panama (UTP, in Spanish). Subsequently, in the year 2006, she obtains a Diploma on Intellectual Property (Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Mediation and Arbitration) from the Metropolitan University of Science and Technology (UMECIT, in Spanish), diploma which was endorsed and sponsored with the collaboration and participation of the General Directorate of the Industrial Property Registry (DIGERPI, in Spanish) of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Panama and officials of the Copyright Directorate of the Ministry of Education and the Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Intellectual Property on said year, acting as trainers.

Atty. Jaramillo Delgadillo has held a number of positions in the Judicial Body. Earlier in her career as Lawyer in the year 2003, she held the office of Judicial Secretary in the Protection Division of the First Court of the Child and Adolescent, under the supervision of the First Judge, Atty. Marisol Bonilla de Arrocha.

During the year 2001, she held the office of Senior Officer in the Jurisdiction of Free Competition and Consumer Matters, specifically in the Ninth Court of the Civil Circuit of the First Judicial District of Panama, under the supervision of Judge Ruby Ibarra S. and in the year 2008, she occupied the office of Senior Officer and Assistant Judge in the Eighth Court of the Civil Circuit of the First Judicial District of Panama, under the supervision of Atty. Maria Teresa Garcia Santiago.

Within the private area, we can mention her work as trial lawyer and in charge of procedures in Criminal, Civil and Intellectual Property Law in the law firm previously known as LUQUE, CORONELL Y LAM, presently CORONELL, LAM Y ASOCIADOS in the Province of Colon.

Atty. Jaramillo Delgadillo is founding partner of the law firm, being in charge of the consultancy, counseling, cases and procedures in the areas of Criminal, Labor, Commercial (Corporations, Intellectual Property, etc.) and Immigration law.

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