We are professionals convinced on the broad compromise, social and moral, we have as lawyers towards our clients and the Panamanian society, always focused in the protection, vindication, the pursuit of the best and clearest legal acknowledgement of the rights and interests of our clients. We are always working within the framework of the latest pertinent legal standards, to offer you the most accurate, truthful and pertinent legal answers to the legal problems of our era.

Our philosophy as a law firm is not based merely in solving the existing legal problems, but being a firm that hand-in-hand with your company, you and/or your family, will advise you preventively before taking each significant legal decision, which guarantees and minimizes future problems, implies a substantial savings in fees and expenses in relation to impending claims, procedures, complaints or lawsuits for contravention of rights of third parties, affected by unawareness or omission, etc. in order to guarantee a greater economy and social harmony, which is the ultimate goal of the law.

We are convinced on the importance of the teamwork, professionalism, commitment and specially our dedicated, detail-oriented and meticulous professional work, because we understand the needs of our clients, who are our reason of being and above all, we value their trust.


  • To provide legal counseling offering our clients with solutions, and efficient, true and pertinent responses to the legal problems of our era. 
  • To adequately advice our clients in order to prevent future legal problems.
  • To minimize and/or resolve the legal problems of our clients. 
  • To provide detailed counseling, consultancies and analysis in legal matters in order for our clients to have a complete legal scenario at the time of making their investments and/or taking their decisions in the Republic of Panama. 
  • To resolve and provide an effective solution to the legal problems, procedures and transactions entrusted to us.
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